Binta Diaw (Milan, 1995) is an Italian-Senegalese visual artist. Her research focuses on the creation of installations of different sizes and works on social phenomena uch as migration, contemporary and still colonial narratives, anthropological and social aspects in the European context, the relationship of the body to nature and the complexity of its identity. She studied Fine Arts at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and Grenoble at the École d’art et de design de Grenoble-Valence, in France, where she obtained the DNSEP (master). During her first year of her Master’s degree, she moved to Berlin for a four-month internship at Savvy Contemporary, an art and research space focused on dialogue and exchange between different non-Eurocentric art mediums. Over the past two years, she has developed her research through an intersectional feminist methodology based on physical and personal experience: herself, as a social body and her position as a 2nd generation black woman (born in Italy to Senegalese parents).
First a sculptor, she started sculpting because it is the best way for her to communicate with people her views, her social report as a black and Italian woman.
She is interested in learning more about people’s feelings when they look at her artwork, in the hope of giving them the opportunity to reflect and deconstruct reality. She uses different methods to make her works, such as moulding or assembling and cutting her materials. In Binta Diaw’s art, the materiality of the subject is very important. She prefers natural and symbolic materials. In general, paying attention to this aspect can be a way to understand her work.


Binta Diaw, Paysage Corporel I, 2018, giclée print on 100% cotton paper mounted on dibond, 225x80cm (image), 227,5×82,5cm (frame).

Binta Diaw, Chorus of Soil, 2020, soil and buds of melon plant, site-specific installation.

Binta Diaw, Paysage Corporel II, 2018, giclée print on 100% cotton paper mounted on dibond, 150 x 150 cm (image), 152,5 x 152,5 cm (frame).

Binta Diaw, Paysage Corporel III, 2018, giclée print on 100% cotton paper mounted on dibond, 60 x 90 cm (image), 62,5 x 92,5 cm (frame).

From the exhibition “In Search of Our Ancestors’ Gardens”, 23rd January-31st March 2020, Galleria Giampaolo Abbondio, Milan. Photo-credits: Antonio Maniscalco.