Andrei Molodkin

“Nothing But Blood Can Stop Capital”

Galleria Giampaolo Abbondio // Andrei Molodkin

‘The balance between the availability and the consumption of resources is not environmental, it is pure economics’
Andrei Molodkin

Galleria Pack presents Nothing But Blood Can Stop Capital, a solo exhibition by internationally recognized artist Andrei Molodkin, on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015. ‘Nothing But Blood Can Stop Capital’ comprises twelve biro sketches, displayed as a grid in the vaults of the gallery. Employing identical images, the sketches continue Molodkin’s experimentation with form and colour while alluding to the fight against corrupt socio-economic realities.
At a time when blood is spilt and videoed for YouTube; revolutions continue as a new generation dies for its right to democracy; the West Bank contracts, the Crimea is annexed; geo political boundaries are redefined, the irony remains that currency flows without borders through its own impenetrable network. ‘The contradictions of our world are witnessed in the perpetual flow of capital’, Molodkin states.
The system is failing, as witnessed in the sculpture ‘Falling Capitalism’. Made from cor-ten steel, the rusted letters are in a state of tension, fractured to retain the energy of impact. The material used reflects a gradual, societal decay and the potential repercussions of tomorrow’s revolution. The large-scale version of ‘Falling Capitalism’ will be presented as a public sculpture in Milan in May 2015.

Ph. Antonio Maniscalco