Olu Oguibe is a multi-media artist and writer whose work often straddles minimalist formalism and social engagement. His work has been widely exhibited in museum and gallery shows, as well as biennials and triennials. He has also created several public works in many countries. In 2017 his “Strangers and Refugees Monument”, a public sculpture in Kassel, Germany, received the Arnold Bode Preis for documenta14.
Oguibe was Professor of Painting at University of Connecticut until 2017 when he resigned to devote his full time to art making.


Olu Oguibe, Sex work is honest work, 2021, text, glass tube neon lights, (L)600 x (H)32/44 cm, diam. 15 cm.

Olu Oguibe, Altar (for Olabisi Silva), 2019, Steel.

Olu Oguibe, Composition with 24 Steel Rings, 2019, Steel.

Olu Oguibe, Forms with blue tower, 2019, Steel.

Olu Oguibe, Composition with Blue, Red and Yellow, 2019, Steel.

Olu Oguibe, Untitled, 2019, Watercolor on paper, 112 x 80 cm (paper), 123 x 87 cm (frame).

Olu Oguibe, Composition with Red Stool (Homenaje to Danilo), 2019, Mixed media.

Olu Oguibe, Form with Steel and Wood, 2019, Mixed media.

Olu Oguibe, Untitled, 2019, Mixed Media.

Olu Oguibe, Composition with Steel Discs, 2019, Steel (40 elements).